A Year In New York

A Daily Bite of the Big Apple

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David Ferris is a journalist who always wondered if he had what it takes to make it in New York City. (See his articles here.) In June 2008, he made the move and gave himself exactly one year to make an impression. This is his story, unfolded in real time.

A Year In New York is the city experienced through the eyes of a newcomer – part travelogue and part journal, a make-it-in-the-Big-Apple tale updated for the start of the 21st Century.

The truth is, David didn’t really belong in New York, and neither did his partner, Joo, who moved with him. David is a camping, surfing, granola-chomping Californian who is at home in the open spaces, not the concrete canyons. Many posts are about the differences he discovered between the two coasts.

Chime in with a comment. If David’s got it all wrong, sound off; if he makes you laugh, laugh with him; if there’s a hot spot he must see, tell him; if you have a similar story to share, share it.

To follow David’s post-NYC adventures, visit The Ferris Files.

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