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Day 114: Fall is Falling

October 21st · 2 Comments

I have returned from the West Coast to find New York wrapped in a knee-length wool coat. The thermometer is supposed to drop to 41 degrees tonight, 38 degrees tomorrow night. What happened to that mild, sunny October weather I enjoyed in San Francisco just yesterday?

Fall seems to be underway, temperature-wise, but Central Park hasn’t heard the news. The trees are still mostly green, just a little yellow around the edges. A few have exploded in red.

Other trees are also ending the season in dramatic fashion. A gust of wind strips the brown leaves off of a sidewalk tree and blows them into the middle of Third Avenue. The leaves skitter off down the street, rattling like little bones.

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  • 1 Dan // Oct 22, 2008 at 1:33 am

    Hey Ferris, I was hoping to hear from you while you were in SF. Oh well. Is it Uncle Dave now? Do tell.
    We’re down to the last three weeks before our own launch.
    Head up to the hills in the next couple of weeks for a spectacular show of colors. If you plan on staying overnight anywhere, you better book it now (if you still can), though weekdays you might do okay.

  • 2 Bev // Oct 22, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    Hola and welcome “home”. Oh, what with your dwindling love of NY, I can’t wait to hear you whine about your first winter! I, for one, honor your writing break. It gave me a chance to catch up! But having just looked at the cupcakes and pizza, I’m famished! It’s a wonder how I keep my girlish figure (not eating all day here at school). 😉 Anyway, it was GREAT officially meeting you and Joo at one of the many weddings. It made me sparkle inside to get so close to the objects of my vicarious living! May you relish, more than endure, your remaining 251 days.

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