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Day 116: Grime Wave

October 23rd · 1 Comment

Last night I waited for a train at the Bleecker Street stop. It was late, with nobody around, so I stared at the tiles on this pillar. You see they are none too clean.

They were just as dirty as they were the other three or four times I have waited there for the 6 train. Those other times I did not notice. If I had, the grime would have been just another testament to how romantic things are in the gritty city. The subway! Bleecker Street! Here I am, in New York!

Now, I am four months into my New York year and these tiles mean something else. They are just dirty tiles. Somebody ought to scrub them. The train rumbles in, and I get on without looking to see what characters might be sharing the ride with me.

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  • 1 Mary Herr // Oct 29, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    I’m enjoying your blog so much. This particular item reminded me of the upstairs bathroom in the 75 year old building where I worked (city hall). For 22 years I looked at those grimy floor tiles. The janitorial crew claimed they scrubbed them, but having discovered a feather duster on my desk one morning, I knew they approached their job like limp lightweights. I was determined to get down on my hands and knees some day and scrub that floor with SOS if necessary, making it shine before I retired. But of course I didn’t.

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