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Day 121: The First Rainstorm

October 28th · 1 Comment

Today I experienced My First New York Rainstorm (the first cold, autumn one, anyway). I looked outside and thought: Can’t wait to get to the office! Rain is such an equalizer. You’re immersed in the elements like a hike in the forest, even here in Skyscraperland.

Every surface glittered and puddles built up at the curbs, so clean you could see the pavement beneath. Everyone had umbrellas up but the occasional guy in a cotton sweatshirt, squinting out from under his hoodie at the rest of us with a look that said: Pussies.

My fellow subway riders were unusually subdued and quiet today. People seemed shocked by the combination of cold hands and damp hair and the crowded, humid traincar. The foretaste of winter has everyone a little daunted.

On the other side I emerged at Union Square and walked an additional four blocks to the office. My jeans got clammier and clammier and the raindrops cascaded off my umbrella, beading on my shoes and creeping into my socks. I climbed three flights into the office. I bent down to offload my bag, which was soaked, and a gush of water fell out of my rain-jacket hood and splattered all over the floor.

I am at work under warm lights in a big sweater. I’m waiting for the cuffs of my jeans to dry out before I go out and stomp in the puddles again.

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  • 1 Tom Buchanan // Oct 28, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    I just read your great article on your ice climb.
    Great Job! I have had that feeling when my arms are ready to fall off, barely able to grip the ice axe on the mostly West Coast mountains. I share your sense of travel and adventure with the bike commute.
    We in Seattle are running out of a spectacular dry fall with amazing colors, soon to be deluged by the ‘intermittent showers’ and cloudy days of the Northwest.
    Thanks for your appreciation of ‘your town’-it sounds like you are making you way in the best of the adventurous journey that we all must keep in our lives.

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