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Day 4: June Tempests

June 30th · 1 Comment

This is the first day it hasn’t dumped down rain in the middle of the afternoon. It is nice being dry and all, but I am a little bit disappointed.

I happened to be sitting at my fifth-floor window, looking west in the direction of Jersey, when the rain hit on Sunday. The sky had been getting steadily grayer, turning the color of skyscrapers, for several minutes. A curtain of rain fell lazily over the West Village, Gramercy, Turtle Bay, then pitter-pattered against the window ledge. Prelude. The rapping got more insistent and the view of the nearby towers grew indistinct, and BOOM, cue the thunder! Far out. I couldn’t have directed it better myself. Summer thunderstorm in Gotham.

These summer squalls are delightfully catastrophic to a Californian. Any precipitation sends us sprinting for cover. We might get a small-scale calamity like thunder once a year, if we’re lucky.

On Saturday Joo and I were caught out in the daily downpour. “Should we get under cover?” I shouted, but my girl knows rain, growing up in Seattle and summering at the southern tip of India, and she didn’t break stride as she replied over her shoulder in a civilized speaking tone. “We’ll be fine,” she said.

We stepped into a shop soaking wet and browsed and bought a mirror, and by the time we checked out the air conditioning had dried our clothes and the storm had passed, leaving the sky its hazy, faraway blue, as if the rain hadn’t refreshed anything at all.

In April 2007 almost eight inches fell on New York City and flooded the subways. It was the second-largest deluge the city had ever seen (the heaviest, only three-quarters of an inch more, was in 1882). The heaviest rains, however, seem to happen in the fall, so I’ll probably be reporting breathlessly on the weather, making tempests out of teapots, several more times before this year is over.

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  • 1 Jay // Jul 1, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Looking forward to your breathless presentation(s) on August heat/humidity waves. Breathless because you’ll have trouble breathing, that is. Glad you’re loving Nuevo Yorko, Week One.

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