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Day 6: An East River Run

July 2nd · 1 Comment

This morning I tied on my running shoes for the first time in New York and hit the pavement. My building is not far from the East River and I figured there must be some riparian passage for those seeking space, though so far all I had seen of the waterfront was the teeming traffic of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Drive.

Sure enough it exists, a wide pathway dotted with young trees and park benches, beset on one side by the morning commute and on the other by the river, which seemed to be hurrying to an appointment of its own. A few plastic bottles floated east toward the ocean and the Queensboro Bridge jutted up as the largest feature to the south, muscling out of Manhattan and right over Roosevelt Island.

I breathed in deep. Ahhh. I could see more sky than I had since arriving in the vertical city. The New York summer sky is a washed-out shade of blue, whether from the humidity or the pollution I don’t know. The clouds look vague and look faraway even when they’re near, as if they had been painted by Monet.

I sweat instantly and copiously. My West Coast dermis was shocked by the 40 percent humidity. On one park bench, a man read a newspaper next to a Sikh who stared out at the river in a dirty white robe. Over there, an amiable man in a floral-print shirt sat next to a parrot in a cage. A Latina woman leaned at the rail, praying with a distressed look on her face.

I ran past Carl Schurz Park, site of Gracie Mansion. Mature trees – there are so few on the streets here — leaned toward the water and bathed me in cool air as I ran though their shadows.

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  • 1 Bev // Jul 26, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Wow, you must be a really slow runner to notice all of this! ha

    Really great pix in your posts too. Very creative…so, you’re NOT just a writer.

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