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Day 68: Less Green for More Greens

September 3rd · 1 Comment

Those of you who have been following my grocery travails will be happy to know I finally clued in to your advice and hit the Union Square Greenmarket. The prices are so reasonable it’s shocking!

The white tents of Greenmarket, one of 45 blooming in the Big Apple,  partially encircle the square four days a week, year-round. It resembles the farmer’s markets of good ol’ California in nearly every respect, with corn, squash and peaches, a toothsome selection of baked goods and cheeses, and brisk sales of Obama t-shirts. Unlike California, there are no grapes or apricots, and no one is selling crystals or tie-die or potpipes shaped like forest gnomes.

I have heard that the farmer’s market is the fastest-growing part of the grocery sector these days and if the crowd here lining up for watermelons and peppers was any evidence, the demand is still as wide as the opening to a canvas shopping bag.

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  • 1 Bev // Sep 7, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    Just when I thought (while reading yesterday’s post…not that it wasn’t enviable, but I was starting to calm down) I was going to be able to stay/keep reading, here comes today’s post. WTF? I live in the nation’s largest produce producer (is that too redundant for you writers?) and my LAME farmer’s market is just that, and only one lame day a week. The pickins (ouch! sorry) are slim.

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